Arch Web Design is based just outside the the university town of Loughborough in Leicestershire with over 20 years of Information and Communication Technology experience (ICT).

Arch Web Design is a dedicated hobby performed in the spare time and evenings by me, Glenn Archer.

My ICT experience ranges from software development on IBM mainframes with RPG II and Cobol through to Windows servers and Visual Basic, without getting too technical.

I took up web sites as a hobby some years ago utilising tools that were General Public License (GPL) and open source. Open source meaning that the actual code is freely available with the ability to tweak it to provide the results or outcomes you want without having to reinvent the wheel. Open source has a huge following and contribution in the cyber world and like minded individuals freely share code and information. GPL software allows developers to provide software solutions and packages free of charge including the source code.

One of my areas of expertise is the design and creation of databases e.g. Ingres, Access and Microsoft SQl Server and now MySQL. I firmly believe in storing as much information in databases even to the level of web pages. This enables the owner of the web site to make changes to page content themselves giving greater control and keeping the shop window into their activity up to date.

The main tools I utilise are listed below: